Mabema GPV (Gauging Pile Volume)

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GPV – A revolutionary way of measuring woodpiles on trucks

Mabema offers a complete fully automated system for measuring woodpile volume on trucks. Obtaining better results compared to today’s manual measuring.

The result is presented in cubic meters of solid wood under/on bark and as a percentage of the total pile volume. For sawtimber the diameter distribution of logs in a wood pile is also estimated and presented.

The possibility to divide wood piles is available.

Other options to ease quality classifications of wood are of great interest and will most certain be implemented in the future. This is currently under development.

The GPV-rig is a fully automatic measuring system with weatherproof building, automatic quick opening /closing doors, registration terminal for drivers, security systems, communication with superior systems (SDC/VMF system in Sweden), reporting system and other practical details.

Mabema GPV, Current installations



Woodtypes measured by GPV

Annual wood volume

Installation year


Braviken, Sweden


~3,000,000 m3



Värö, Sweden

Pulpwood, Sawtimber

~4,000,000 m3



Alvesta, Sweden


~400,000 m3


Mabema GPV is approved by VMK (Swedish wood measuring control body)

In September 2013 Mabema received its approval for the GPV-system by the Swedish VMK for measuring wood on trucks.

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If you want to read more about Mabema:s GPV equipment, how it works and about the project history please press one of the links below.

pdfMabema GPV - Data sheet

pdfPowerpoint presentation - English

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