Mabema AAI, Automated Ammunition Inspection


Mabema AAI is an inline inspection machine developed for quality inspection of cases and cartridges. The AAI inspects cases and cartridges at high rate. Five cameras provide a 100% surface inspection. Inspection executes while the parts rapidly slides through the machine. As standard the machine is equipped with three area cameras and one line scan camera for surface inspection. The AAI can be complemented with additional cameras if necessary. Defect products are automatically sorted out to four different fractions depending on defect.

 The machine find and sort out defects as:

  • Split cases
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Wrinkles
  • Defective case length
  • Defective mouth
  • Defective flange diameter, thickness and shape
  • Wrong or missing head stamp
  • Missing or misplaced primer
  • Defective or missing extractor groove
  • Mixed types

Mabema AAI 2.0

pdfDownload Mabema AAI Datasheet